Class of 1953
Years 1948 to 1953
First GW Class to attend the eighth grade"


Former 1953 Class Rep. Virginia O'Neal Clem  wrote :

"Hello Classmates!
Welcome to our new class of '53 WEB Page! Have you noticed that our class has a "motto" that no other GW class can have? "FIRST GW CLASS TO ATTEND THE EIGHTH GRADE". Our claim to fame, right?!   I became your Class Rep last summer. Since then, I have located many of our missing classmates - - BUT - - there are many, many more classmates to find (don't forget, we had a large class). At the end of this WEB page is a list of our missing classmates. "

"GWAA has been of great help to this class by helping me find our missing through research at the Alexandria library, on the Internet through high speed connections, providing information on siblings who attended GWHS and providing me with current class rosters. GWAA also provided free the space and maintenance for this WEB page. Classmates can support GWAA by becoming members. If you are not yet a member, print the GWAA Membership Application (also available from the front page), fill it out and mail to GWHS Alumni Association, PO Box 218, Annandale, VA 22003-0218."

"We are now number one class with GWAA members."

"GWAA's annual picnic this year was really great, as were others in the past. It is really a thrill seeing classmates that you haven't seen in what seems like a zillion years!! The next annual picnic is being planned for August/September in the year 2001, but the Interior Department will not take application for Fort Hunt picnic areas for the September time frame until May. GWAA will be calling to make their reservation at start of the business day. Please take time to visit the Picnic Photo Album. Let's have a good showing in the year 2000. We could set a few tables aside just for our class. "

REUNION: Click here to see who is came to our reunion on September 20, 2003.

Class '53 Photo Album: For your enjoyment, we collected some pictures over the years of our classmates and have them in our own photo album on this web site. Click on the underline title above to our album.

For the names of our classmates, the found, missing and those who have passed-on, click on the word ROSTER.
Please let us know (via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone) if you have a new address or telephone number. Sometimes the post office will change street addresses even if you don't move. Please let the GWAA  and your new Class Rep - Daniel (Dan) Lehman know when that happens.

E-Mail Id: The George Washington High School Alumni maintains a web page containing e-mail ids of some of our alumni. Clicking on the title "E-Mail ID" above will take you to our class on this page so you may send e-message to some of your classmates.

US Map with a number in each of the fifty states shows us where are classmates are living today. It is very interested to see how many of our classmates stayed in the Virginia area. Click on the title (US Map) to visit this web page.

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