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Finding "LOST" Classmates

(WARNING: Data and links on this page were originally compiled  by Ted Arthur in 1998. They are now out of date - and are in the process of being updated)

Internet Phone Books: Many times it has been said “It would be nice to have all the White Pages for all 50 states.” It is here with just a click of the mouse button. There are three major phone databases, each have their own way of collecting data and displaying. If the name is not on one, check the other. Unlisted and unpublished phone numbers are not listed. Have the phone number, but no address, this page will help.

 The White Page Phone Books Have the name, address and phone numbers
you want the address and phone number
  Netscape NetCenter
  WEBD Search name, phone & email
 Phone Number to name & address Phone Lookup
 Address to Name & Phone Number Address Lookup
 Area CodesArea Codes

CORRECT ADDRESS: Are the names and cities spelt correctly. Have just the ZIP, but want to know the city. Like to have a nine digit ZIP Code. Try the United States Postal Service (USPS) databases.

Post Obituaries will give you access to the Washington Post obituaries for the past few months. Good way to verify local deceased information.

Real Estate Assessment Records. Look up an address, you will see who owns the property and how long. Very useful when a piece of mail is return. You look for neighbors who live there when your classmate did to see if they know the new address of your classmate.
City of Alexandria Real Estate Assessment Records
Fairfax County Real Estate Assessment Records
Arlington County Real Estate Assessment Records
Prince William County Real Estate Assessment Records

Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is provided from the SSA. This database will contain the names of only those provided to SSA. Those who were not drawing some type of SSA benefit may not be listed such as those that died young, retirees under the old Civil Service or Railroad Retirement System, etc.

Colleges Lookup may help you find a college WEB page.

"The Senior Class:" Index to Yearbooks from Alexandria (VA)High Schools, 1919-1951; Alexandria High School, "The Alecko" (1919-1935); George Washington High School, "The Compass" (1936-1965); and T.C. Williams High School, "Cerberus" (1966- ).

Places you can visit and do certain types of research
520 King Street
Marriage Licenses, Hours: 9:00 - 5:00, 3rd Floor 703-838-4044

GWHS Library
Joyce Anne Burroughs Boteler, Class 58
Georgeann Sowa Coote, Class 64
They have the complete collection of Yearbooks, 1936-71
Kate Waller Barrett
717 Queen Street
Main reference facility
The main reference facility of the Alexandria Library: has the best collection of the Alexandria Hills, by year, up to 1980; copies of the Gazette on Micro-Film up to mid 80s; computer CD-ROM Data Base on Social Security Death Index (SSDI); Copies of Alexandria High School year books from 1919 to 1935; plus GW Compass year books from 1936 to early ’60s. In addition, the Barrett Branch through Jones Communications Inc., provides computers to access the Internet. 703-838-4555
Charles E. Beatley, Jr.
Central Library
5005 Duke Street
A Meeting Room available upon request. This branch has Alexandria Hills from '62 till '80. Washington Post on Micro-Film from mid 70s to current. Local obituary on computer from 1990. On the computer, the PhoneDisc Data Base, plus a second phone data base in the reference section. 703-519-5900
Fairfax Main Library
3515 Chain Bridge Rd
Virginia Room, Third Floor: Fairfax Hills and Tax Records 703-246-2123
Arlington Main Library
1015 North Quincy St
Virginia Room —  Good collection of Arlington Hills, plus Northern Virginia HANs Directory starting with 1976. 703-358-5990
Library of Congrass
101 Independence Ave SE
At the Madison Building, Rm 133, they have many old newspapers on micro-film, ideal when looking-up obituaries. 202-707-5522

Social Security Administration, 800-772-1213 This agency has a program to help people to locate missing persons. If the person you are trying to locate can be identified by SSC in their computer, they will forward a piece of mail to the person’s last known employer’s address; or the last address of the annuity check if retired. The agency will not inform you if they found a match, nor when the piece of mail was forwarded. The only reply you may receive would be from the person you are trying to locate.

The person’s Social Security Number (SSN) would result in a match. If you don’t have the persons SSN, the following may or may-not result in a match: Name (first, middle and current surname), date and state of birth, mother’s maiden if known, and father’s name. Their program does not accept any other information.

Send the piece of mail, with a cover letter, to your local SSC Office, for northern Virginia, 6295 Edsall Road, Room 220, Alexandria, Virginia 22312. The local phone number is 703 274-0145, but SSC requests you use their “800".

The Retired Officer Association (TROA), a non-government association, 703-549-2311 201 North Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2539, Jane O’Neil’s direct phone line 703-838-0531

Defense Finance Personnel for Retired Personnel, Attn: DFAS/CL, 800-321-1080,PO Box 99191, Cleveland, Ohio 44199-1126 This Federal Government Agency handles information on all Military Retired Commission Officer (LT, CAPT, COL, etc --- not the enlisted as PVT, SGT, PO1, Chief). This office will not give you an address because of the Privacy Act, but will confirm if the person's name is in their database. If the person is in their data base, DFAS will forward mail to that person. If you’re nice, the person on the phone may give you the state this person lives.


Data on this page was originally compiled  by Ted Arthur

Originally updated  June 26, 1998.   This page reloaded November 24, 2009

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