Class '65, Our 35th Reunion Photo Ablum

Pat and Rich

Joan and friends

Dave Dixon

Steve Barnette

Carolyn TUTT

The Conehead

Chuck & Friends

Ray Roberts

Ray and Pat

Pat & friends

Paula & Pat

Tom and Dave

Jackie and Don

John & Maureen

McCabes Friends

Paula Hickman

Gladys & Tom

Toni Marcinkus

Rusty & Cindy

Marion & Don

Mike and Bob

Dale and Julie

Sherry & Friends

The Kellers

Joan and Phil

Charlie & Betty

Kay and Bob

Connie & Donnie

The Sharps

here we are

Sitting Around


Dave, Rich & Kay

Kay and Connie

Around the table

Day After

Jeff and Pat

John & Donna

Morning After

Keith Padgett

Mike Faber

Jackie and Joan

Mike and Joe

Terri & Jeanne
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