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"66 Chalkboard News"

Greetings Classmates to your own 1966 Web Page. We hope you enjoy the pictures, information and news items that will be posted on this site. To make this a successful Web Page, your input to provide any news items about yourselves and family are important. Please take the time to read and send me information that We can share with your classmates. It's wonderful to continue many friendships, but it's even more wonderful to rekindle and establish new ones.



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If you have any pictures past or future of yourselves, or other classmates, memorabilia that you would like to donate to the GWAA Association, or just let us scan the pictures for our Web Page, We will insure that you receive them back. The items that you send please put names and dates if possible.

And as where to send the memorabilia and/or photographs...
Please E-Mail or call,  to:  
Millie STEELE Keene '66, New Class Representative.


Jackie BERKSTRESSER Banister
Former Class "66" Representative


To the Classmate of 1966 who attended the GWAA Picnic this past August I would like to extend a THANK YOU! This year the GWAA Picnic was a huge success with over 300 people in attendance. Let's try to see if we can promote this annual event to our fellow classmates and make next year a truly fun and rewarding day. Some of our classmates that attended were: James Herlick, Bobby Simmons, Brenda Welch, Carol Burnham Clark, John Studds, Denny Moore, Linda Gorham Moore, etc. There will be pictures on our Photo Album soon. Be watching for them! Please visit the Picnic web page.

The Class of 1965 "Shipwreck" 35th Reunion took place Saturday, September 16, 2000 on the Potomac Spirit where endless stories and memories were shared by all. Jaws were opened by many as they either did not recognize classmates, or was laughing so hard it hurt over stories that were lost over the years and remembered at this special night. After our eating, dancing and laughing, our night continued into the morning as we attended the after cruise party at the Radisson Hotel in Old Town. Overlooking the beautiful city and water at night it was truly a picturesque site. Videos were played of the past reunion and a tape that no one had seen of the 30th with Susan Self and Donna Yarbough dancing with "TINA TURNER". Music and more stories were shared. The night was still young, but some had to make it an evening. Those who stayed at the hotel had a wonderful time reunioning again over our complimentary breakfast where we celebrated Terry Newmark Benton's Birthday. How Old_ We will never tell, but it wouldn't be hard to figure out.

To all of you who attended this wonderful reunion and read this, please know Don and I extend our THANK YOUs. We enjoy bringing fun and laughter to those who appreciate the value of youth and remember how wonderful our times were in the 60's

Please click on OLD PHOTO ALBUM to view the photos taken at this reunion. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. we would love to hear from you. Keep the lines of communication open.



Back in September 1999, we sent out a letter with the GW Alumni Association's picnic flyer asking any of our 1966 classmates if they would like to help in organizing the 35th 1966 Class Reunion. Response was low. We heard back from approximately 6 people out of 324 mail-outs. Three of those individuals were out-of-towners.


We did not have a 30th, don't let the next five years go by without another one. It does take time, energy, devotion and desire to make it successful. The GW Alumni Association was established to help Classes with their reunions by providing them with names and address of Classmates. Not like past reunions where we had to do all the callings ourselves to locate them. Now it is done for us. A big Thanks to GWAA! We would also like to hear what type of reunion you would like to see. Hotel, Boat, Picnic, Dinner, Breakfast, What type of entertainment? Anything that pops into your head that would be fun and different. We're asking again, if there is anyone that would like to be on the committee and see that we do have a 35th reunion please email Jackie Banister. If we get a better response the meetings for the 35th will begin in the first quarter of 2001.


Do you remember Pam TYLER Galyean? We received a wonderful note from her just letting us know that she just recently RETIRED in May of this year and moved with her husband Kenny to Colonial Beach, Virginia. Both are now enjoying a more peaceful environment. Pam and Kenny have a grown daughter Tami who lives in the Arlington area and works in D.C.
How about Carol SEDBERRY Perkovich? E-Mail is wonderful. We had a lovely note from Carol who now lives in Southern California. She just recently made a trip back to Alexandria to visit her mom and ran into another classmate of ours John Studds. She is sorry to say she will not be able to come back for the GWAA picnic or the 1965 Class Reunion, but was very interested in finding out how everyone is doing from her old crowd at school. She would really like to hear from the following individuals: Tania Sakel, Loni Novak, Dick Poole, Wes Schmidt, Ron Shipe, Ann and Jim Herbert, Barbara Arthur, Al Keller. Joan Kozel, Maureen Lawson, Mary Jane Pfeiff, Margie Pfeiff, Joann Silliman, Dale Stewart and Punky Woolum. If these individuals would like to contact Carol please e-mail Jackie BERKSTRESSER Banister for Carol's e-mail or address.
We heard from Don DiCicco and his wife Barbara, who live in the Burke area. Don informed us that they are also proud grandparents of their 2 year old, red headed ball of fire who travels around at warp speed. Andrew Westley Raines. Congratulations!
Jackie Berkstresser and her husband Don keep close touch with the Craddocks, Steve and Sherri, who now live in Raynor, PA. They are doing great. The youngest son, Bill is now entering college. Senior moment ó can't remember where. It's great to see Sherri as she does come back to this area at times to visit friends.
Gwen Jennier sent a wonderful note and wanted to pass this information on to us. Gwen is very much involved with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and is on the Board of Directors. There is a Capital Campaign to build a badly needed, more modern Shelter in the city on Eisenhower Avenue. She asked if anyone is interested in getting involved or contributing please email Gwen.
Gwen is employed by Itt Industries. She still writes and sings music and had an opportunity to record in Nashville, TN a small part on a X_Mas CD that was released by contemporary Christian singer, Marsha Stevens.
Gwen was very happy to find us on Classmates and has now join GWAA. Isn't the internet great!
Steve and Sherrie Craddock had a great time at the Cannes Film Festival in May guests of the Independent Film Channel. See Photo Album.

Thanks again for those of you who like to keep up with our classmates.
-- Please don't be shy --
 Let us know what is new in your life, or any thing that would be of interest to our classmates.


NEW ADDRESSES: Please let us know (via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone) if you have a new address or telephone number. Sometimes the post office will change street address even if you donít move. Let us know when that happens. We also encourage classmates who have an e-mail address to let us know and have it published in the GWAA E-Mail WEB Page. This can put you in contact with a lot of your classmates. It is a great way to communicate. For the names of our classmates, the found, missing and those who have passed-on, click on the word > ROSTER (under  revision)

DECEASED: In the memory of our deceased classmates, we have a special photo web page to honor their memories. Click on the word > DECEASED (under  revision)

F-MAIL ADDRESSES: The George Washington High School Alumni maintains a web page containing e-mail addresses of some of our alumni. Clicking on the title "E-Mail Addr" below will take you to our class on this page so you may send e-message to some of your classmates. Click on the word > E-Mail Addr


Please help us locate our lost classmates and forward any information you have to:
Millie STEELE Keene '66, New Class Representative.

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