First Table, far side:
R. David (Dave) Moss, Jeannine Moss (Dave's wife), Lee Mintzell (Bill's wife) and William (Bill) Mintzell.

First Table, near side:
John (Johnny) Hawthorne, Charles Higginbotham, James (Jim) O'Mara, Joseph (Joe) Dodd, Carol Dodd (Joe's wife) and William (Weetsie) Violett.

Second Table, far side:
Adele Donaldson Cleary, Frances (Fran) Stewart Weed and Shirley Ross.

Second Table, near side:
Unknown (came with Lynn), Lynn (Lynnie) Thomas Strange and Judith (Judy) Ridgely

GWAA 1999 Annual Picnic
Photographer: Peggy Lawler Tucker, '51
Date: September 12, 1999
City: Alexandria, VA
Location: Fort Hunt Park

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