Class of 1950

Class Reunion The class celebrated its Golden Anniversary Reunion on September 9th, 2000 at the Holiday Inn on 1st Street in Alexandria. You can read more about it and see the reunion photo album when you click on the title of this paragraph.

E-Mail Id: The George Washington High School Alumni maintains a web page containing e-mail ids of some of our alumni. Clicking on the title "E-Mail ID" above will take you to our class on this page so you may send e-message to some of your classmates.

US Map with a number in each of the fifty states shows us where are classmates are living today. It is very interested to see how many of our classmates stayed in the Virginia area. Click on the title (US Map) to visit this web page.

NEW ADDRESSES: Please let us know (via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone) if you have a new address or telephone number. Sometimes the post office will change street addresses even if you don't move. Please let us know when that happens. For the names of our classmates, the found, missing and those who have passed-on, click on the word ROSTER.

Comments: Call Sally WARD Stumpf at 301-262-8128 or email Sally.

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