Classes of '41 and '42

CLASS NEWS: For our classmates on the Internet, we have set up this combined web page for Classes of Ď41 and '42  to just display newsy items of their classes and/or classmates. Please let us know if you have any news you want to share on our web page or in the GWAA Newsletter. It is strongly suggested that everyone join the GWAA. It is a great vehicle to keep everyone abreast of all the news and events regarding our great high school. As for the Class Rep position, we're very sorry to announce that David Sullivan and his wife Millie CARTER Sullivan, both from the class of '42, found it necessary to retire from class rep duties. We wish them well and extend much gratitude for their years of dedication to our association.
Fortunately for us, Gloria Gardner from the '41 class, volunteered to take over as the new Class Rep.  She will take care of both class of '41 and '42 and can be contacted by e-mail by clicking on her name above.

NEXT REUNION: We are only in the thinking-ahead stage at this time, but we are hoping to have another successful reunion.

LAST REUNION: No information at this time.

US Map with a number in each of the fifty states shows us where are classmates are living today. It is very interested to see how many of our classmates stayed in the Virginia area. Click on the title (US Map) to visit this web page.

E-Mail Ids: The George Washington High School Alumni maintains a web page containing e-mail ids of some of our alumni. Clicking on the title "Class below" below will take you to that class on the email web page so you may send e-message to some of your classmates and friends. Click on the class for email ids: Class '41 and/or Class '42:

NEW ADDRESSES: Please let us know (via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone) if you have a new address or telephone number. Sometimes the post office will change street address even if you donít move. Let us know when that happens. We also encourage classmates who have an e-mail address to let us know and have it published in the GWAA E-Mail WEB Page. This can put you in contact with a lot of your classmates. It is a great way to communicate. For the names of our classmates, the found, missing and those who have passed-on, click on the appropriate class roster,  '41 ROSTER and/or '42 ROSTER .

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