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 George Washington High School Alumni Association
Mailing Address: GWHS Alumni Association, PO Box 25453, Alexandria, VA 22313-5453
This page updated August 31, 2016
Membership Application

          We display a current GWAA Membership Application on this website in TWO different formats.

  • The first is designed and created in HTML Format (HyperText Markup Language) that allows it to be displayed in a familiar webpage style, the same as has been done for years.

  • The other is in Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format). If you have or choose to obtain (at a $ cost) the PRO version of this format you are able to fill in the blanks while the application is on the screen, then view and print the entire application form. For those who have only the FREE reader, you may want to print two copies of the application form since  you are not allowed to store the filled in copy of the application with the read-only software.

Membership Application Form : [printable]
(when you click on your selection, a new window opens, when finished, click 'close' to return)

In HTML Format


*In Adobe Acrobat Format

* In case you find that you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device, you may still be
able to download a free copy of the program at this location - Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
This will enable you to View and Print the GWAA Membership Application in the original format.

Or just use the HTML version.

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This page updated August 31, 2016 Page compiled by Dave Beach